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@tombubul. 8/30/16: wu-tang clan slowing time link.

Hi, I'm Tom Bubul, welcome to my website. I'm an artist; I make paintings, write fiction and nonfiction, and sometimes make artist's books and zines, perform, make videos, or do music projects.

I also tweet, post irregularly on Instagram, and love email (see top of page). I have a million interests, and currently live in NYC.

This website will hopefully be "Under Construction" forever. :)

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  • 3/1/16: Updated the portfolio.
  • 1/22/16: I put a fiction up: "A lordosis"
  • 1/20/16: Five pics up from the first round of commissions; general housekeeping. Happy new year ;)
  • 11/24/15: You can now commission artwork for any budget.
  • 11/3/15: I wrote some things about Cast Away (2000).
  • 8/29/15: My new show with Michael W. Hall, "A minor collision on the back road," opens on September 11th in Austin, TX at Black Lagoon. I'm going to be showing ten 2015 paintings.

    Here's my studio on the lead up:

  • 3/28/15: Me and Shea'la made a mini, "Citizens of a Forgotten World," containing 16 drawings each. You can get this from me for a small window of time by emailing me your address:

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